Aluminum Grooved Piping

UV Air Purifiers                      

For Liquid Sweeteners/Oils/Fuels/Chemicals

Manufactured In the USA Since 1972

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The Foodline® Piping System.

It’s aluminum. It’s clean. It’s simple. And it’s backed with prompt, personal service.

Aluminum is clean enough to pass approval of even the toughest health agencies in the country- and it’s easy to keep clean, too. Everything is flush, smooth and corrosion- resistant. White FDA grade gaskets seal the joints so there are no traps for bacteria anywhere. It’s lightweight and can be easily installed by your own people. We have the know-how to get you from start to finish and can supply you with the right tools for the job.

We always keep a complete stock of everything you’ll ever need. And we know the fastest way to get it to you.

The Foodline® Aluminum System is ideal for piping liquid sweeteners, edible oils, and shortening. Non-toxic and free from lead, tin, copper, brass and bronze alloys, it won’t corrode like welded stainless steel with corn sweeteners. Nor will it discolor or affect the taste of your product.

We manufacture couplings with FDA gaskets, ells, tees, reducers, end caps, flanges, adapters, line strainers, valves, fabricated specials and much more to put a complete system together.

All are immediately available in 1″ through 8″ sizes, with adapters to tie into any other type system. We can supply you with grooved aluminum specialties, aluminum pipe, butterfly valves, check valves, anti-drip valves, camlock fittings, stainless steel to groove adapters.

We also stock storage tank UV air purifiers, tank vents, germicidal UV sterilamps, electrostatic and absolute (HEPA) microbial filters, plus replacements.

With grooving tools you can lease or buy, food grade lubricants, meter mounts, white FDA flange gaskets and tank manhole gaskets, we have everything you could possibly want or need.

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Avoid Stainless Steel Corrosion


Recent trade journal articles have identified an inherent incompatibility between liquid corn sweeteners and types 304 and 316L welded stainless steel piping.

Have you seen or experienced a cobweb pitting in the welds of your stainless steel piping for High Fructose (HFCS), Dextrose, Glucose, or other corn based liquid sweeteners?

This affirms our continuing experience over the years, as we have noted the replacement of numerous failed SS piping systems. A combination of normal storage temperature, pipeline pressure, and chemical properties of the sweetener product combine to create stress corrosion cracking and pinhole leaks at the weld areas, even in 316L grade piping. (The effect is not as apparent in stainless storage tanks due to the lack of pressure conditions that exist in the piping.)

The metal of choice for liquid sweetener piping for 48 years has been Foodline® sanitary aluminum.

Aluminum grooved-end piping offers a low cost alternative to stainless and exotic alloy systems, with a proven track record of full compatibility. Aluminum pipe and fittings are lightweight and easily installed, with superior heat transfer for heat traced pipelines. Our piping systems have the approval of the toughest health agencies across the country. We feature the first sanitary white FDA gasket in grooved-end piping. Foodline can provide all of the piping components, installation tools, and guidance for a complete sweetener storage and distribution system, with the proven compatibility of aluminum.

FREE Design Manual for Sweetener Piping Systems

Take advantage of Foodline’s® 48 years of experience with liquid sweetener and edible oil piping systems and storage tank UV equipment. This design manual offers drawings of industry-typical bulk storage and distribution systems, tank capacity data, trade journal articles supporting the use of aluminum, and a wealth of practical tips for the food processing industry.


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Storage Tank Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems for Liquid Sweeteners, Edible Oils, and Liquid Foods

Provide a sterile air environment in the headspace of your liquid sweetener storage tank. Systems available with both standard electrostatic and Absolute (HEPA) microbial intake filtration, to .3 micron at 99.97% effectiveness. Multi-lamp units for tanks from 2,000 gallons to 250,000 gallons.

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